Love the Country . . . .

Good Afternoon God’s People,

Some people prefer city living over country living, as for me,  I prefer the country.  It’s something about the country screams LIFE; God kind of life.  Everywhere you look, you can see the hand of God.  From the fresh air to the wild life and at night you can look up and see a so clear and so close you feel like you can reach up and touch one.  It’s in those moments that I’m always reminded how wondrous our God is that he would create the heavens and the earth.  The country is also a good place for healing, which is what I’ll be doing.

Anyway, I didn’t get a chance to wish everyone a Blessed New Year!  It’s been some kind of winter.  I kind of figured it would be different than past years.  I could see signs of in the earth back in October. I think that’s maybe another reason why I like the country so much, because mother-nature can sense and show signs in the earrh that a change is coming long before we recognize it.  We’ll that’s all for now. Sending lots of love throughout 2018!

Let Us Pray!,                                   Heavenly Father,  Thank you for this day, every day and every year you give us.  Father as we go throughout 2018,  be are guide and shield, protect us from all forces, powers, and principalities of darkness. Father, we also intercede on behalf of every individual bond and oppressed by powers darkness.  Free Them!, in Jesus name. There’s life and freedom in your Word and We stand on your Word by Faith because it tells us YOU came to set the captive free. THANK YOU HEAVENLY FATHER FOR LOVING US.  Thank you for caring for us.  Thank you for healing us and binding up our wounds.  Father, Grant us your Godly Wisdom throughout 2018 for our daily living.  Your Word telll’s us, if any man lacks wisdom let him ask and you give it generously.  We ask for your Godly Wisdom Lord concerning this World, Our Nation, and Our daily lives. Cover us O’Lord, as we place on our helmet of salvation and shield of Faith, and breastplate of your Righteouness. We place these petitions at your throne.  Hear our prayer O, GOD! Thank you Lord, for you are our Mighty God, who is King of Kings, and Lord of Lords. Thank you for being our strong tower and a place of refuge.  Thank you for being the Stone of Isreal and a solid Rock.  You are our Savior and Deliveror,  our Alpha & Omega, Elo’him and Abba Father,  a Prince of Peace, and everlasting father.  Thank you for being a Sovereign God, the one and only God, in Jesus name, Amen

Blessing Always, You Are Loved


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