Holy Spirit . . . and Forgiveness

Good Afternoon,

A few years ago, I started to post this to my Facebook page about Forgiveness in relation to our Christian walk in Christ Jesus.  At the time, I was in the beginning stages of being Tested and publicly so. One of the Christian ladies that I interacted with even prophesied that I was heading into great Test. But what she didn’t know was that God had already spoken to me about the situation and had given me instruction that I would need to walk it out.  Ok!  I could accept that.  And the reason that I could accept it  was because I was thinking this Test will last just few days, maybe a week or a couple of months tops and then it would be over.  Little did I know it would last a whole season.  But here’s God!

Every time I would take a hit, I would be quick to say “I forgive you.”  Take another hit, I would post again that “I forgive you.”  I would do it often and quickly that some in wondered how I was able to forgive so fast.  Another lady even reached out to me to ask me about it because so many people were watching my response and didn’t quite understand it.  Some even considered it to be “weak” or “passive.”  I don’t believe I ever got a chance to respond to her because at the time it was all that I could do too just hold on to God.  Now is a good time because I was thinking today how God uses your life in ways you can least expect it even in the midst of trials.

See, God had already showed me about Forgiveness and reminded me to be sure an take the next step.  Now,  I know you may be wondering what step?  Let me explain, Forgiveness is really for our benefit as believers more so than the other person.  It’s a choice that anyone can make rather you’re a person of Faith or not.  And Yes, there are times in life were it seems like a act of God just to get to the forgiveness part; let alone having to go farther than that.  But the truth is the second step is a call to Love. “This is my commandment, that you love one another as I have loved you” (John 15:12). This means having to love that other person in-spite-of, through and through, come-what-may.   It doesn’t mean that we have to agree with everything that they have done against us.  Now, here’s the benefit of the Holy Spirit.

There are some some events/situations in life that are acted against us and are so egregious that it’s humanly impossible to reach the level of love in our own strength and certainly at a level for which he calls us too.  We need the help of the Holy Spirit in order to do so because we still have to heal from that event.  The Holy Spirit helps us to reach a point where we can love that person in-spite-of, through and through, come-what-may.  Love Heals!  God’s love helps us in the healing process.

So, forgiveness is only the first step. The second. . .that’s Christ!


(singing) “Lord Prepare me, to be a Sanctuary

pure and holy, tried and true,

and with Thanksgiving I’ll be a living

Sanctuary for you… !” 🙂


Enjoy the rest of your week,


Blessings Always, You Are Loved!






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